After nine months of waiting for parts to arrive (several items vanishing within the mail system), dealing with an array of technical glitches, and lastly waiting for replacement motors this project has finally been completed–and it flies perfectly.

The bad news however is that new drone legislation from Transport Canada has essentially grounded it–at least temporarily until I sort out some details with them.

In all likelihood I will be able to use the drone in a limited capacity outside of city limits for aerial photography (good for unpaid freelance journalism) however I am not legally able to obtain air or water samples. To do so I would require $100k of insurance and have to fulfill requirements that are essentially impossible.

Please note that this is only a temporary setback.

I believe that for society to function it requires a strong system of democratic governance. It requires law enforcement agencies and a fair judicial system where everyone is treated as an equal and where the “spirit of our laws” are upheld. It also requires a form of media that aims to educate the public.

What exists in Canada today is a form of pseudo-democracy. Canadians can vote but for the overwhelming majority we have lost confidence in our elected leaders, the political system as a whole and question whether our vote has any substantial value. A two-tiered judicial system exists where laws are used as a weapon to terrorize specific individuals and undermine groups that appear to be in conflict with the government of the day and the private interests that support them. The mainstream media in Canada can be a very good source of important information however it is fragmented by the sheer volume of manipulative industry funded propaganda that surrounds it. For the average Canadian it can be quite difficult to ascertain what is fact and what is fiction.

I want to restore a modicum of faith in government and the political process. I want people to have faith in the judicial process and to trust law enforcement, to know that they are decent men and women that wish to protect our communities not act as bullies and serve as private security for a small influential segment of our society. I want to educate people so that when faced with propaganda in our media they will be able to identify it and not allow it to influence public discourse.

This is an almost insurmountable task and I certainly can not do it alone. I will require the help of many to expose bureaucrats with ties to the very industries they should be regulating instead of promoting, to expose judges and officers who apply our laws in an unfair and abusive fashion and finally to strip away the influence of faux journalists and commentators who present corporate political propaganda under the guise of news and opinion. The time to fight back is now since we can do so without resorting to violence.