Political situation in the Philippines

In the Philippines, travelers must be very vigilant about their personal safety. The crime rate is high. It is not recommended to travel to certain areas of the country.

The Philippines faces a variety of security issues and is much more dangerous than Canada. The state fights against drug-related crime as part of a national offensive and severely harms the people who are involved in the production, trade or consumption of narcotics. This involves numerous arrests and deaths, especially in poor neighborhoods.

philippines politicsThe New People Army Communist is active mainly in the north of Luzon and east of Mindanao, but also occasionally in other parts of the country since 2014. Given its strategy, the NPA represents only a limited threat to tourists.

Radical groups are active in the south, particularly in the Sulu Sea and Mindanao. They have repeatedly abducted foreigners (including Canadian nationals) and committed other acts of terrorism. See the info on Specific Regional Risks.

Across the country, attacks by criminal or terrorist groups can be expected. In recent years, there have also been attacks in Manila, sporadically. For example, in April and June 2017, criminal bombings resulted in several deaths and injuries in the Quiapo neighborhood in Manila.