The role of political positions in Canada

politicsThe following are the main roles of power when it comes to politics in Canada. Study them closely cause they are important.

– The Head of State of Canada: The Queen of England (Elizabeth II) is the Queen of Canada and the Canadian Head of State. She is the embodiment of the Crown in Canada. The Queen has the power to govern but entrusts it to the government that assumes it for the good of the people. Her Majesty’s representatives act on the advice of the Prime Minister or the responsible ministers of the House of Commons or provincial legislatures.

– The Governor General: The Governor General of Canada is the representative of the Head of State of the Kingdom, the Queen of Canada. He is appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister for a five-year term. The Governor-General is the Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian military. He is asking the leader of the majority party in the House of Commons to form a government of which he will be prime minister.

– Prime Minister: The Prime Minister of Canada is the head of the federal government. It designates the members of the (Executive) Cabinet and the Senate (Upper House), the ambassadors, the presidents of Crown corporations, the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada. The Prime Minister of Canada advises the Crown or his representative on the date of the next general election.